Mindfulness for Business

Mindfulness, is becoming more and more popular among the business community not as a trendy thing to do. There is now scientific evidence that an eight week mindfulness course can change a person’s outlook on the way they look and react to life. This practice enables us to become present in our everyday lives. It takes us out of autopilot and makes us better at responding, rather than reacting. Over 500 science research papers were published last year alone detailing the many benefits of mindfulness, from improved focus, better decision making, better sleep to enhanced memory and a stronger immune system. All these qualities improve the working environment, productivity and attendances at

Taking time out for you.

It is impossible to pour out from an empty glass. We seldom look after ourselves first. We weren't brought up this way. How many times do we give until our energy is depleted, we become tired, short-tempered, exhausted. We are in need of rest, me time, but demands of work and home are compelling to soldier on. We think we are selfish, but if we can fill that glass we are better able to help the people around us. By recharging our energy levels we can be calmer around our love ones our colleagues and able to improve our thought patterns, make better decisions. and improve our health now and in the future What can you do today, this week to replenish that empty class.

New Weekend Mindfulness Course

On Saturday 18th June I will be taking a new Mindfulness course which will be over two Saturdays. There will be four weeks in between giving students the opportunity of practising the techniques and tools taught in the first day. This is a great opportunity for those working Monday to Friday or for those who are busy during the weekday evenings The course is at the Widnes and Runcorn Cancer Support Centre, Alforde Street Widnes. Each day the course will run from 9.30am to 4.30pm. The cost of the course is £70, For further information or to book a place, contact Bob on 07507 013283 or email bob@hypnotherapyhorizons.com

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