Last Day - Mindfulness in Nature

What a brilliant day, but unfortunately it was also the last day of the Mindfulness in Nature course at Neston Community Centre. The courses have been running over the last 8 weeks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The weather throughout the course has been wonderful, the students great, everyone helped each other and the atmosphere calm and friendly. Thank you all for attending, sharing your stories and making my Thursdays. The morning group would like to continue in some form. They are going to meet up on Thursday 13th September at 10am for a coffee/tea a chat and a mindful walk around the park. Interested, please come along. Open to all. I'm sorry I cant attend. On Thursday 1

Mindfulness in Nature (October)

After the success of 6 Mindfulness in Nature courses at Neston Community and Youth Centre this year. A decision was made by Cheshire West and Chester Council and Mersey Forest to go for another two courses starting on 4th October. There will be one starting at 10am and the second course will be starting at 1pm. The Mindfulness in Nature course will run for 8 weeks. The feedback from the previous groups have been excellent, from reducing anxiety levels, increase in the quality and quantity of sleep, improvement in confidence and focus. With all saying that they appreciated and noticed being out more in nature

Mindful Driving

Better Driving Mindfulness is being in the present moment, moment by moment. How often do we drive our car to a destination, turn off the ignition and wonder how we got there. Usually it’s the same boring similar route. On occasions we find if we have to go to a different destination we start to travel to the previous / usual destination. This can happen when you change jobs or move house. Whilst driving, as soon as you realise the mind has wandered off, bring it back to what you are doing – driving, bring your full awareness back to this moment. This is part of mindfulness training. Mindfulness can help to make you a better driver. Here are a few tips to help improve your driving and to hel

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