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Gratitude / Appreciation - Your Diary

If you are someone who keeps a diary, putting in the places you’ve been, people who you have met and possibly the emotions that you have that day. I would like you to add something which may help your mindfulness journey. I would like you to write down something that day that you would like to give gratitude for. It may be a person you met, someone was kind to you, the weather, your family, friends, maybe pets, or it could be appreciation for your health i.e. could it be having eye sight to see that view or child or be able to drive.

Reading back about how you are expressing gratitude for the small or large things in your life can be extremely powerful. Gratitude can make you more honest, courageous and giving,. Research has indicated that it can also increase overall health and reduce stress and anxiety or help with depression.

So why not have ago, you don’t have to start on the 1st January any time you start will be the right time. It’s great to look back and appreciate all those things we take for granted.

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