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Make different resolution this year.

Resolutions should we try Mindfulness

Make different resolution this year.

To be kinder to yourself.

We have tried to change habits stopping smoking, drinking, over eating, keeping the house tidier, and within a week or two we are back where we started.

Why not try Mindfulness – you might enjoy the change and improvements

Improves wellbeing

Improves physical health

Lowers blood pressure

A better night’s sleep

Helps relieve stress

Improves mental health Anxiety, panic Attacks, relationships (Work and home) depression.

Helps to bring your thoughts back to the present moment, instead of the past anxieties or the future fantasies

Courses in Widnes

Tuesday evenings starting 6th February (8 weeks)

Saturdays – 27th January and 24th February (2 day course

Each course £90

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