This week why not learn something new, it will keep your mind in the present moment, improve your memory, give you that satisfaction that you can, and help your local Cancer Support Group raise well needed funds. Learn the phonetic alphabet ALFA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, DELTA, ECHO, FOXTROT, GOLF, HOTEL, INDIA, JULIETT, KILO, LIMA, MIKE, NOVEMBER, OSCAR, PAPA, QUEBEC, ROMEO, SIERRA, TANGO, UNIFORM, VICTOR, WHISKEY, X-RAY, YANKEE, ZULU Its only 3-4 letters a day, you can do it. Once learnt, see if you can call out the letters on a car number plate or a name on a commercial using the phonetic alphabet. You could do this challenge with your children or partner. Please let me know if you have been able

Mindfulness Matters- now using Zoom

Three weeks ago I had a call from a business that I had helped the previous year. The company had offered Mindfulness to some of their staff, which had helped the team as they went through a difficult, stressful period. Due to Covid 19 outbreak, the majority of staff are now working from home and that the company would like to offer a course in reducing stress, feeling calmer and helping with their general well being. They had enjoyed the sessions the previous year and wanted to offer more Mindfulness classes to the rest of the group, whether working from home or if they were on site. I was happy to help, the classes were offer to the staff if they felt that it would be of benefit to them. E

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