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Mindfulness for Business

Mindfulness, is becoming more and more popular among the business community not as a trendy thing to do. There is now scientific evidence that an eight week mindfulness course can change a person’s outlook on the way they look and react to life.

This practice enables us to become present in our everyday lives. It takes us out of autopilot and makes us better at responding, rather than reacting.

Over 500 science research papers were published last year alone detailing the many benefits of mindfulness, from improved focus, better decision making, better sleep to enhanced memory and a stronger immune system. All these qualities improve the working environment, productivity and attendances at work. Equals calmer more productive, happier staff.

A Mindfulness course may be a great opportunity to help a person who has been off work for a period of time, who is anxious about returning to work allowing them to feel more positive and less fearful about their return.

So it’s no surprise that the likes of Google, LinkedIn, Transport for London, General Mills, and BlackRock, are all teaching mindfulness skills in the workplace to improve the performance, well-being and emotional intelligence of their staff, and these companies wouldn’t be spending time and money on their employees if they weren’t now reaping huge benefits from it.

Courses can be arranged at the business premises or away from their working environment.

Contact Bob for further information or how to book 07507 013283

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