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8 Week Mindfulness course MBSR

MBSR MIndfulness Courses Cheshire

Our next Mindfulness course will be starting shortly on 5th February and will be running for the following eight weeks. The sessions start at 6pm and run to 8pm.

The venue is at the Widnes and Runcorn Cancer Support Centre, Alforde Street,

Widnes WA8 7TR

There is a charge of £90 for the eight weeks, a deposit of £30 will secure your place on the course.

I have run a number of these courses and found that the students find that they have

enjoyed the course and found benefit from attending. Finding new techniques to help them feel more in the moment, calmer and more relaxed.

Some of the comments made by the students:

My short fuse is getting longer.

I feel calmer and my relationship with my partner has improved

I don't feel as stressed at work and seem to handle situations in a better way.

My quality of sleep has improved

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