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Help to reduce stress this Christmas


We have another 2 Mindfulness in Nature courses at Helsby Community Centre starting on 21st November. Both courses are FREE The courses are run through Mersey Forest and sponsored through Cheshire West and Chester Council The benefits of attending: # Reduced anxiety and stress # Improves working memory # Increased focus # Less rumination # Better quality of sleep # Stronger relationships

Comments made by students on the previous course:

Lots of ways I feel so much better, I have learnt a lot about myself, every session was helpful.

Mindfulness has changed my life in lots of ways, sleep, going out and meeting people.

I have always loved nature but the course has made me more aware and more determined not to take it for granted.

I do deserve some ‘me’ time

I think it is important to convince people that they are important as individuals and not just as part of a working team or member of a group.

I have felt more optimistic and cheerful when I leave the course.

I need to slow down and breath and remember to try to do Tai Chi

Bob is such a great person to do this and I wish I had more chance to go to other classes too. This course was recommended by previous student and I will also tell others. We are so lucky to have this opportunity. Thank you

Yes, I’ve learnt how to relax and listen to my body. I do too much for one person. We learnt to accept help.

Our instructor Bob is brilliant

Relationships with others have improved. More self-awareness /mindfulness. Being out in nature is more relaxing. Improved sleeping and posture.

Noticed what I think and say affects others. I should think about putting myself first, in order to help others. To be more in the present and not just focus on worries and regrets.

I enjoyed everything about the course, group work was helpful too, along with Bob also, because it was not rushed. I liked being outside when the weather allowed. I will continue with the Tai Chi, Mindfulness, being in nature, being kind to myself and others.

Can’t think of anything else except that being on a small group helps you get to know others. We would have liked it to have been a bit longer, though, eg 10 to 12 weeks! Or be able to repeat in the future.

I have learnt to relax and meditate both techniques and also feeling the benefits, I am sleeping better. I have learnt that I do not relax at any point in the day and that and that mentally I do not switch off and do not live in the moment. I have enjoyed, meeting other people, Bob’s teaching and support and kind and caring approach. Being outside in the sun and fresh air. Learning tools and techniques to continue in the future in home. I will continue with the Tai Chi, relaxation, meditations and getting outdoors.

I have recommended the course to several friends and have regarded Bob’s teaching and support as being hugely helpful to me.

I am noticing the breathing exercises are getting easer to do. Noticing my environment, sounds, smells sights. Enjoyed meditations for relaxing, but find hard to do alone. Learnt to worry a bit less

I have enjoyed pretty much everything but particularly the relaxing meditations. The stories to highlight problems which generally aren’t there if we look at things differently. Hearing how to appreciate everything and be in the moment – even to enjoy our food more. I will continue to notice what’s around me Being in the moment. Try to meditate on my own. Breathing exercises. Being mindful !! in listening to other people. Give them full attention

The Tai Chi was very useful to ‘switch off’ and concentrate on the present.

I enjoyed the 2 hours each week as It helped me forget about other things, also the Tai Chi, meditations and stories too. I am definitely looking forward to joining the Tai Chi group.

I would like to continue to do another course if possible.

I found a better me and that I’m not too bad a person, very much the highlight of the week. I have found being in the now! Awareness not to judge and being kind to myself.

We were blessed with the weather and the outdoor sessions were great!! Bob was a lovely person helpful and kind. I would like to do something similar in the future.

Noticing I have felt more able to deal with difficult situations with others. Have felt more relaxed and some confidence, which was lost during lockdowns, has returned. Learnt to be more tolerant! I have joined the Tai Chi class.

I have found out a lot more about me.

Thank you for helping us with important mindfulness life skills, which we are all putting into practice.

For more information or to book a course contact Bob on 07507 013283 Please share, if you know of anyone who would benefit.

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