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Mindfulness Matters- now using Zoom

Three weeks ago I had a call from a business that I had helped the previous year. The company had offered Mindfulness to some of their staff, which had helped the team as they went through a difficult, stressful period.

Due to Covid 19 outbreak, the majority of staff are now working from home and that the company would like to offer a course in reducing stress, feeling calmer and helping with their general well being. They had enjoyed the sessions the previous year and wanted to offer more Mindfulness classes to the rest of the group, whether working from home or if they were on site.

I was happy to help, the classes were offer to the staff if they felt that it would be of benefit to them. Expecting to have one class, but after great response we have now three classes running for an hour a day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The classes have now been running for the last two weeks and the feedback has all been positive.

With this in mind I'm now organising a 'Mindful Half Hour' each week to those who have been on previous courses. The classes are to remind students of the various techniques they have learnt, new information on mindfulness, new meditations and also to share information.

Zoom is a great way to spread the information, techniques, and a way for the group to communicate and see that they are not the only ones with certain thoughts of the situations we are all facing .

New Zoom Mindfulness Course

With the success of the above classes I am hoping to arrange a new Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, 8 week course. The live online course will be exactly the same as the traditional centre based course. We will be using Zoom conferencing system one evening a week for 8 weeks. If anyone would be interested in taking the course.please email me on to show your interest.

I will be hoping to start the course in the next two to three weeks, possibly on a Wednesday evening 6.30 to 8.30pm there will be a charge of £95 for the 8 weeks. If you know of anyone who might benefit from attending, please pass on the information.

The Zoom App is free of charge and can be used on computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones, the only other requirement is a built in camera or a webcam


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