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Tai Chi for beginners on Zoom

Starting this Tuesday on Zoom, there will be a beginners class in Tai Chi. Its a very gentle course where if you like you can stand, take a breather a sit for a while or you can sit and do most of the exercises sitting on an upright chair.

With lockdown we are not getting outside or exercising as much as we should. Have you thought of Tai Chi for beginners? Something that you can try in your own home.

The course starts at 10am and will run for one hour, its a relaxing session, hopefully a fun, enjoyable session

The benefits of taking part in a Tai Chi class are many:

Increase in balance and mobility

Helps with stress

Can help to reduce blood pressure

Expands the mind

This is a fun session, why not help to improve your wellbeing. If you know of anyone who would benefit please share.

To find out more about the class or to join contact Bob on 07507013283 or email


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