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Mindfulness in Widnes

Tuesday was the final evening of the Mindfulness course at the Cancer Support Centre in Widnes.

Some of the comments made regarding the course

* Bring calm, balance and perspective back into life. Moving forward with positivity. *Opportunity to reduce stress and anxiety in a non-threatening way * Interesting, friendly, informative, relaxing, enjoyable, It works! Makes you enjoy life better

Successful Mindfulness Course Students

* A lovely way to relax for a couple of hours but also taking strategies with you to cope. * Excellent way to ease stress and focus * Experiencing the different themes for meditation, doing the tai Chi, meeting the other attendees, Bobs cd’s the poems, the venue was lovely, peaceful and tranquil * Can help you on a daily basis, if you practice techniques regularly * Enable you to take back control of your life. * A way of coping with the daily stress and strains of life

The next mindfulness course starts Tuesday 6th February starting at 6pm. Book early

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