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Teach your children breathing technique

If your children are at times feeling anxious, angry, stressed, try this exercise with them when they are calm so that they can practice before it is needed. You may find that your child is able to come back to their body rather than be in their heads, feeling calmer.

Ask your child to imagine that they have some flowers in front of them. Breath in the smell, fragrance, perfume of the flowers. The imagine they have a number of candles may be on a cake. Blow out the candles. Repeat this exercise a number of times 3,4,5 or 6, times. It has been proven to make a difference to a number of children. Try it and see if your child feels more relaxed.

When your child feels stressed, mention to them 'Smell the flowers, blow out the candles'.

You may find that you like this exercise yourself.

Print out the pictures as a reminder

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