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Completed Mindfulness Course Widnes

Last night saw the last session in the Mindfulness 8 week class at Widnes and Runcorn Cancer Support Centre.

Another lovely group

The next 8 week Mindfulness (MBSR) course is on Tuesday 29th January 6pm to 8pm

Comments made by the students of this course:

Highly recommend anyone to take time out for yourself to learn to be mindful throughout your daily life

A wonderful informative course that will lead to a calmer, more relaxed lifestyle. I found the Tai Chi so useful for reducing ‘mind chatter’

The whole course has been interesting and beneficial . Place where you can find tranquillity and real ‘me time’

I found the course very good, helps you with the problems of everyday life. Its made me calmer in stressful conditions

Puts you in touch with many things that you are already aware of, but enables you to apply your learning to everyday situations Very relaxing

Enjoyed the course, people in the group, the relaxing methods, will calm the mind, helps to cope with everyday life.

A good way to learn techniques and activities that can help reduce stress and ground body and mind

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