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Spending time in nature has a huge range of potential benefits to our health, body and mind and wellbeing, such as:

• increasing your happiness and improving your mood

• it can help reduce stress, anxiety, anger and mild depression

• for people who have SAD ‘Seasonal affective disorder’ having that natural light helps, particularly in the winter months.

• improving your self-esteem, confidence, and satisfaction with life

• breathing in fresh air, as apposed to recirculated indoor air

• encouraging you to be active, i.e. walking, running, gardening

• patience, noticing how plants grow at their own pace, you cannot hurry nature

• boosting relaxation

• life is constantly changing outdoors, nature is forever transforming

• reduce loneliness

• encouraging you to learn new skills, with some research suggesting it may even make you smarter!

• Helping you to feel more connected to nature, yourself, and other people

Why not come on one of the free Mindfulness in Nature 8 week courses.

Helsby - Community Centre, Mondays

Frodsham - Castle Park Arts Centre, Thursdays

Contact Bob on 07507 013283


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