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New Beginner class at Appleton Parish Hall

We started a beginner class at Appleton this summer and found it to be very popular with the local community. From January I am making a new beginners class starting from 10 January at 2.45pm . Our previous class at 1.30pm will now be called next steps in Tai Chi. Developing more techniques and moves.

If you know of anyone who would like to start back gently exercising or who has made it a new years resolution, please mention the class.

Taken from NHS Scotland

Tai chi,

Tai chi, is great low-impact activity. They focus on improving your balance and core strength. Generally, these activities are accessible to everyone no matter your age or ability. Tai chi, provides great health benefits. They're particularly popular because building strength and balance can reduce the risk of falling, as well as ease the symptoms of various health conditions. Many of the movements and poses involved can also be adapted for people with disabilities, including wheelchair users. Tai chi Tai chi was originally created as a form of martial art. Today it's practised as a health-promoting, low-impact activity. Types of tai chi There are different types of tai chi which vary in speed and the poses you need to hold. If you attend a class you may find the teacher practises various styles and teaches tai chi in their own unique way. Ask them if their class is right for you. Health benefits of Tai chi While there's room for further study on its health benefits, research has suggested that tai chi can help:

  • reduce stress levels

  • improve balance

  • increase muscle strength in your legs

  • improve general mobility and flexibility


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