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Warrington Stammering Support Group

Yesterday was the final session which was really enjoyable. Lovely to see how memebers of the group had taken on board different aspects of the course.

Some of the comments 'If you were to describe the course to a friend':

Mindfulness is a great way at learning to relax more and the breathing techniques are great. if you have sleep problems. Using Mindfulness whilst eating is also good as you tend to enjoy the food a lot more.

A great introduction to the art of mindfulness, delivered by a professional and personable trainer.

You would feel less anxious, but you would have to keep on doing it as it is not a one off thing that you can do. The more you do it the more you will get out of it. You need to practice.

Stress free

Live in the present appreciate what you have.

An experience (hopefully a good one)

Many skills taught, useful for all parts of life.

Can practice mindfulness any time. Very useful. Becoming aware of what you do.

Lean how to enjoy the here and now. Appreciate what we have, Don't miss the moments you live in, learn how to take notice of the wonderful things around us.

Thank you for those comments, hope to see you at the refresher evening on the 4th April (open to anyone who has been on the courses.)


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