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Participants report improvement in mental wellbeing after mindfulness course at Port Sunlight River

Taken from the Land Trust website

Participants reported huge improvements in their mental wellbeing after attending an eight week mindfulness course on the Land Trust’s site at Port Sunlight River Park.

Run by Bob Wheat and Hypnotherapy Horizons, students on the course reported improvements in their sleep and self-confidence alongside a reduction in stress and anxiety.

The Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS) was used to measure the participant’s mental wellbeing at the start and end of the eight week programme. On average 11 people attended each session with their wellbeing score improving from 39.8 at the start of the course to 46.3 by the end.

The sessions would begin with a walk around the park with a focus on being more aware of nature in the surroundings. Following the walk the group would discuss the benefits of mindfulness and try out various techniques including breathing techniques and mindful eating as well as sharing ways to reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep patterns.

Another positive result has been a number of the participants continuing to meet at Port Sunlight, reducing their own isolation and continuing to build new friendships.

Land Trust Estates Officer, Simon Pedley, said:

“We were really pleased to see the positive results of this course at Port Sunlight River Park. The success and improvements that the people enjoyed really highlighted the amazing way that green space can change people’s lives, not only in improving their physical and mental health, but also in creating friendships that last long after the course has finished.

“This is further evidence of the vital role green space plays within our communities. Less than six years ago Port Sunlight was a former landfill site and now it’s a thriving Country Park that delivers health activities, boosts the local economy and increases property prices in the area.”

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