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A BIG thank you

It's been a busy year with various Mindfulness classes at Elton, Frodsham and Helsby. We were fortunate to come back to Castle Park and most days we were outside in the beautiful park. Course are being arranged for next year, will be able to give you more information nearer the time.

I am still working with a chemical company on Zoom giving classes on Mindfulness. This year we went international when another part of the company came on line from Belgium.

Our Mindful Half Hour on a Thursday evening ,open to all who have attend a previous mindfulness courses have now been running for nearly three years. The advantage of Zoom, no one has to leave their home on a cold winters evening

Tai Chi classes have increased with a new class at Appleton Parish Hall on a Tuesday lunchtime. Classes are still well attended at Widnes and Helsby. We still have one Tai Chi class on Zoom on a Tuesday morning with people attending as far away as Shropshire.

Thank you for your support this year, it is really appreciated, have a relaxing Christmas and all best wishes for 2023

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