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New Mindfulness in Nature courses

We are pleased to announce two further classes at Helsby Community Centre, starting on Monday 30th January. There will be a course in the morning starting at 11am and another course starting at 1.30pm in the afternoon. Each classis for 2 hours and the courses will run for eight weeks

The courses are free of charge, yes free of charge. They are sponsored by Cheshire West and Chester Council and run through the Natural Health Service and Mersey Forest

The advantages of the course:

* Helps to relieve stress and anxiety

* Feel calmer and more in control of life

* Increases physical and mental health

* Bring our minds back to the present moment

* Increases focus and attention

* Improve sleep

* Basic Tai Chi

Comments made by people attending previous course:

* Made me more relaxed! Given myself more time for me. See things more clearly.

* I have learnt that I am not a bad person, have many qualities.

* I have notice I am calmer and more relaxed. Much more able to be ‘in the moment’ Able to use breathing techniques to be calmer. I need to stop and think more about my life, and to be more considered about my life.

* I enjoyed the breathing techniques and the Tai Chi. All of the input was very useful

* I feel sad that the course is ending, I have really enjoyed it and benefitted from it in many ways I will continue with the breathing and being in nature.

* The sessions have helped me develop my own mindfulness practice and I now meditate daily which has helped to reduce stress and helped me to relax more and improve my relationship with other people.

* I now have more insight into my thoughts and how they effect my feelings and emotions. I am now able to observe my thoughts effectively and not get attached to them – particularly the negative thoughts.

* I have enjoyed meeting other people, participating in a group situation, learning new meditation practices and Tai Chi

* I will continue most aspects of the course and try to incorporate the practices into my day to day life and activities I will also look to join a Tai Chi class and progress mindfulness by joining a group and reading relevant books

* Bob was an excellent facilitator of the course and made the sessions informative, relaxing and pleasurable. There was something new every week as well as consolidating and reflexion of our learning. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone wishing to find a way to relax or reduce stress.

* The sessions made me think about myself

* I’m able to dismiss negative thoughts more often and recognize them as unproductive by using mindfulness. I recognize I need to slow down and focus.

* It’s taught me to experience life in the moment and not rushing ahead. I’ve learnt to treat myself and care more for myself more often, The atmosphere, calm and tranquil. Thoroughly enjoyed the course, so helpful.

* My perception of my own life is better and more positive. The aspects of the course I enjoyed were using breathing relaxation to maintain calmness. Focusing on surroundings to enjoy them more. Bob’s running of the sessions was excellent.

* Yes, definitely have observed nature more closely on our walks and have been mindful about doing things, so more relaxed. Enjoyed the comradeship, meditations, Tai Chi and Bob’s voice is very calming.

I did not know before the course what it entailed but have learnt a lot from it and would recommend it to anyone. Very enjoyable 2 hours a week.

* Have noticed feeling more settled overall knowing I have tools to turn to. I need to not be so hard on myself, be kinder. Having human contact (Adults – as a mum this is limited) The session have variety, the refreshers each week. Being outside and breathing fresh air.

To bool a place or for more information give me a call on 07507 013283

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