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Tai Chi for beginners now on Zoom

For the past few months I have been teaching mindfulness on Zoom, I wasn't sure at first if this media would work. The classes are growing and the feedback from the people taking part has been good to here

I just wanted to say many thanks for organizing the on-line Tai Chi sessions, which have made such a difference to me (and to the other participants) during these past months of limited freedom.

When the weekly live class had to be suspended, I missed both the exercise and the companionship; a "double whammy" of loss of physical and mental stimulation. The Zoom class has given a much-needed boost to my physical and mental fitness levels, and a focal point to my week.

It's also so nice to be able to chat to people without wearing a mask!

I have found the tai chi sessions very helpful for many reasons:

It gives me something to get up and ready for

It helps my memory

It lessens my worries as I can't think of two things at once

I have found that my balance has improved over the sessions especially using my weaker ankle

My flexibility is improving along with my stamina at first I used to get dizzy and light headed during the sessions but now I don't

It's great that you don't have to travel anywhere to do it over Zoom

I think above all I have a sense of achievement after each session and I feel more able to do things, I want to get on it's like feeling a little buzz.

Thank you Bob, today was another good meeting

From the start of the lesson it means we’re concentrating which must be good for the mind. I’ve found it helps with relaxation and balance too.

So I’m looking forward to carrying on into the New Year

If you would like further information please give me a call or if you know of someone who would benefit please forward the details


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