Smell the roses

During this week, make a time to stop and smell a rose. or any other flower. When you go into supermarket take a moment enjoy the fragrance, colour, texture of the flowers on display, be in the moment. It helps you bring yourself back to the present. It may help you choose and make better decisions with your shopping. (May save you money )Notice how it feels to be absorbed in that moment through your sense of smell. It doesn't have to be the supermarket, when you are in your garden, out in nature give yourself that chance to bring your mind back to the moment by smelling the flowers.

Mindfulness in Nature - Neston

As spring is just around the corner we are planning a new 'Mindfulness in Nature' course, which this time will be held in Neston. Previous courses have been held in Whitby Park, Ellesmere Port, Ainsdale Nature Reserve, and The Countess of Chester Countryside Park The start venue will be the Neston Community and Youth Centre. A thriving community centre with so much going on and a great community spirit. Each Day we will be meeting up at the centre and depending on the weather we will be going out into the open spaces around Neston relaxing and learning new ways of Mindfulness. This includes meditations, techniques to reduce stress, mindful eating, walking and Tai Chi which has been very popu

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