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Completion of Mindfulness Courses

This last week saw the completion of two Mindfulness classes at Widnes and Runcorn Support Centre. The Saturday two day course and the Tuesday eight week MBSR course. Further courses are organised for autumn. Details available on the website

Comments about the course:

The MSBR two-day course is an excellent opportunity to develop knowledge, understanding and experience of practising some of Jon Kabat Zinn meditation techniques. Along with an introduction to Tai Chi.

Welcoming pleasant environment, Bob was an excellent teacher and it was also an opportunity to spend two days with like-minded people. JG

It has made me realise that you have to show yourself kindness that you give to others freely. The meditations have certainly helped me relax and feel less anxious.

Thank you Bob it has been a pleasure coming on this course - it has helped in many ways and I'm hoping to build on it in the future.

Looking forward to the catch ups AC.

Refresher evenings are held every three months to go over techniques and to learn new ones

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