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Mersey Forest have found funding for a further two courses at Neston and a further two courses at Helsby. After the success of previous years courses I am pleased to let you know that Mindfulness in Nature will be continuing in 2021

The courses will be starting again in the week commencing 17th May 2021

Helsby will start on Monday 17th with a morning course starting at 11am till 1pm and another course will start at 1.30pm to 3.30pm. The venue will be Helsby Community Centre

Neston will start on Thursday 20th May. Morning course 10 am to 12noon and the afternoon course 1pm to 3pm

The Mindfulness in Nature courses will be held at the community centres, and if the weather is suitable we will be using the outdoor areas nearby .

The courses are free of charge and run for 2 hours a week, for 8 weeks. We will be talking about mindfulness and how it can help being in the present moment. We will be using various techniques from mindful eating, walking and Tai Chi various meditations including breathing and visualisations. where ever possible we will going out into nature, as this is a great way of bring us back to the present moment.

If you would like to book a place or would like to ask a question, please give me a call on 07507 013283 or email

Here are a number of comments made about previous courses:

* To whom it might concern. At first I didn’t think I would get much out of this. How wrong was I. Bob, led us through the course with care and consideration. The group all of different needs and illnesses, but Bob quickly set us to realise we were all looking for the same things. I came away from Frodsham with a different but much better view at life, as I walk along I see things that have always been there, but I never needed them before. I now look at life and problems in a new, but better light. Thank you.

* The course has made a huge difference to my quality of life. I do not need sleeping meditation when I am mindful. Living in the moment reduces my stress levels. My husband is severely physically impaired and has many medical co-morbidities. When I sleep better or am less anxious I am a better carer. I can lift his spirts instead of him pulling me down. My life is not at a fast pace. I am learning to stop and meditate, It recharges me. I feel much happier, I laugh more. I am more positive. I would recommend this course with confidence . I will miss it. I would love to repeat it to improve my skills. I have. My only worry is without the regular sessions I may get overtaken by events and step backwards Thank you Bob. You made a difference

* Many thanks for all your help Lynn

* I was very optimistic about where the course would be for me. It has been excellent and ticked all the boxes, But has been wonderful. I am feeling more relaxed sleeping better and thinking more clearly about my health and wellbeing. I do worry quite a lot but now look around at nature more doing my breathing exercises.

* I have really enjoyed the mindfulness in nature course with Bob and the ladies in the group. The location is ideal with a beautiful park to walk around and participate in Tai Chi. Luckily the weather has been kind and the sun has shone each Monday. I have found the relaxation techniques very powerful and feel far more relaxed and happy. I have grown in confidence and have looked forward to Mondays each week. I will miss it.

* I have found the course and the relaxation activities very helpful especially in improving my sleep patterns. I can now use the various techniques to ‘live in the moment’ and not be concerned too much with the past and the future. It has given me a feeling of wellbeing . It is a course I would recommend for everyone.

* I have found the course extremely enjoyable and useful. I have been able to understand the basics of mindfulness and Tai Chi, and to implement and practice during the week. It was very relaxed and easy format, and a very welcoming and positive group. I have been able to connect even more than I usually do, with nature which I have loved. Bob has been a wonderful and patient teacher, I can highly recommend him and the course. Using the exercises he has taught has helped, and I am building up mindfulness practice and incorporating it in my life when I can. I look forward to building on the practice going forward to help with chronic pain management, becoming more focused i.e. helping to feel calmer.

* I have enjoyed the group meetings. I have been practicing mindfulness i.e. (being in the moment) and found it useful in dealing with everyday situations in my life. Breathing techniques and relaxation are always helpful

* Rally enjoyed the course and have benefitted hugely. I’m more confident, relaxed and mindful of people and surroundings. Have learnt techniques to help in stressful situations and become more positive as a result. Would certainly recommend the course to anyone considering joining.

* I’ve enjoyed my time on the course. Bob has been patient, understanding and caring with us. The group * I have encountered within the course have been lovely, friendly and warming. I shall do my best to continue with being mindful continuously. p.s. Thank you for the politeness from everyone and the confidence.

* An excellent course and well presented by Bob. This has been a great help to my general wellbeing and self-confidence.

* I have enjoyed the course very much. I have learnt a lot about breathing and relaxing

* This has been of great benefit to me. Before I started I was eating, drinking and lazing around Very lethargic. I have decluttered house, started a diet. Have a purpose , but most of all I sleep better. In my opinion more classes should be run where we can still attend to keep it going. If not possible then definitely for new members. Thank you.

* Have enjoyed my weekly sessions. I feel they have been very useful and have used the mindfulness to my best ability.

* Bob Thank you very much for the course. Or I state I was not sleeping properly and worrying about silly things. You have helped me to relax and think more about life and see things more clearly. Thank you very much.

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