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Monday saw the last session of the Mindfulness in Nature course at Helsby Community Centre. Two great classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. A lovely group who enjoyed learning new techniques in Mindfulness and Tai Chi, everyone gelled together and I think they enjoyed meeting and listening to other members of the group too.

I am pleased to say that further funding has been made available for a further two courses, both starting next Monday, 15th November. If you know of anyone who might be interested or may benefit from taking part, please ask them to give me a call on 07507 013283. The course are FREE of charge

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Here are what students thought of the previous classes:

Bob Wheat’s mindfulness course has had a large impact on my state of mind. This has been noticed by my children and friends who know me well.

I now feel a great deal calmer most of the time- more collected in daily activity. The meditations have often energized me for several hours. I have been more assertive in making decisions. As I get older and now live alone, for the first time in my life, I feel more confident in deciding what to do and less negative about advancing age.

I am more accepting that there are things I can no longer do and approach each new day with a sense of gratitude and determination to do a few of the things that I can achieve.

Above all, I have mostly been able to distance myself emotionally from a great problem (unsolvable) in my life. I can still approach this problem in a practical way. I don’t think I feel guilty any more about happy events in my life. I just hope I have enough self-discipline to continue Mindfulness without the guidance of Bob’s classes

I thought the course was really helpful in lots of things :

Relaxing how to reduce/ cope with stress

How to appreciate the moment

How to appreciate the good things in life

Not take people/ things for granted

It helps me realise more about myself, how I can improve my outlook on life, and try to accept the things I can do and try to be a more positive person.

I should try and be a person who looks at life in a way that is beneficial to every body, thing around me.

This course helped me to become more focused and more outward looking rather than be insular and negative. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who needed a boost for their self worth and esteem.

I have learned some new techniques for relaxing and examining my thoughts.

The course has helped me appreciate when nature and the beauty and outdoors more when I am walking

I think the length of the class could be a bit shorter – although as I have got to know people and a opened up more, I have appreciated the additional time

Really enjoyed the class, which I didn’t think I would in the beginning

I have found the mindfulness in nature course so helpful and beneficial. I look at problems more calmly instead of getting panicky about how to solve them. I deal with them in a better way. I feel now I now naturally cope with everyday life in a calmer way before I would worry about things that had not happened. I have learnt that life will still go on with or without worries and being outside in nature helps me put my anxieties in perspective. After the lockdown I felt I would not be able to cope with going back into normal routine but with being on this course I now have the confidence to go forward and cope with problems I may face and I have the skills to go out and see the calming effects outside world can bring.

I have found this course beneficial I wasn’t sure at first it would help, but it has,. I feel more relaxed and able to cope when things aren’t so good. The breathing techniques are so good and have really helped, also help to put everyday things into perspective, which is so helpful at the moment. I am so glad I came on the course thank you

Doing the Mindfulness course has reminded me of many things I used to do and know and use. I somehow got out of the habit over the last few years, of focusing on my mental and spiritual welling and you have brought me back to it. Thank you. I used to practice many things including meditation and reiki and I need to remember, and remember that if I look after me I can do so much more for others and in its turn, that leas me back, like a circle, which goes round and round and is good for everybody. Thank you, Bob

I am very pleased to be coming to most of the sessions. Enjoyed the company of all people. Sessions have been very interesting, also I gained a lot of help from others people’s talks!

Bob has been most helpful, very kind and understanding that’s very important to our being. Thank you for very lovely time.

Thank you Bob. I have much enjoyed the course. Lots of interesting and useful classes. Good to be able to hear other people’s thoughts and experiences. The course was recommended to me by some friends in Frodsham and I would definitely recommend it to friends of mine. I enjoyed the meditations a lot and found them absorbing and calming. I also enjoyed the Tai Chi exercises – another way of focusing my mind as well as my body.

Definitely a 10 from me.

I have found the course really helpful and I am sorry to see it end. Bob provided the group with a range of tools and techniques to help quiet the mind, aid relaxation and enable us to cope with difficult situations. I have enjoyed the meditation and Tai Chi and intend to continue with both. Whilst making full use of the techniques learned on the course. I would fully recommend this course to anyone who is struggling to cope with a busy life, or undergoing personal difficulties.

Excellent course!

I feel more relaxed now. I have learnt may new breathing techniques. I’m finding it easier to get back to sleep after waking in the night. I am and will continue to use mindful eating. I feel I can now live in the moment. I am so much more aware of my surroundings when outdoors.

I am taking more time just to sit and enjoy my garden. I’ve learnt to make decisions quicker and not spend lots of time going over the same thing all the time. I’ve learnt to trust my decisions. Thank you Bob!


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