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Its that time in the year

Yes its the time in the year to wish you a mindful, restful Christmas

Some tips for a mindful Christmas:

  • Eat those chocolates mindfully

  • Take a break from being inside, enjoy a walk, particularly in the countryside, notice nature and get that fresh air instead of that recirculated air inside. You will feel more refreshed and better to deal with Christmas situations when they arrive.

  • Appreciate the people around you, quite often when we are tried we are more critical.

  • Be mindful of the rich food we are eating, maybe slow down and taste your food. . When you eat without thinking, you miss out on so many wonderful flavours, textures and aromas. Mindful eating is about really tasting your food and savouring every mouthful. It could help when trying to get into that piece of clothing for the New Years Eve event.

  • Be in the moment and enjoy the festive season, it does go so fast

  • Mindfulness practices will help with Christmas stress and keep you away from the doctor

  • Our Christmas holidays gives us a good opportunity to take a break occasionally from technology, our smartphones, social media, TV, tablets, laptops, electronic games and reconnect with ourselves and the people that our sharing Christmas with you. Too much technology can be harmful both to the body and the mind.

  • Look back at this holiday with pleasurable experiences/ memories shared with the people who matter in our lives.

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