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Mindfulness Contact in Nature

We are now four weeks into a Mindfulness awareness of nature, a new way of looking at Mindfulness, yes outdoors as much as we can.


Studies show that spending time in nature e,g. parks and forests, lowers stress and improves physical and mental wellbeing.

Practising mindfulness can benefit concentration and adapt your perspectives on life. It has also been shown to reduce stress and wellbeing

Two courses have been running at Whitby Park in Ellesmere Port. A great venue with different locations to practice the various techniques in a natural setting..

Being outside has definitely heightened our senses. I have noticed an improvement in my mindfulness practices and way I react in nature. More aware of what is around me. Using all my senses so much more..

The course has been organised through John Moores University and The Mersey Forest.

Further courses have been arranged for June and July at Ainsdale Nature Reserve (see below for details)

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